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Monique Gallagher - Highest Potential Training

Monique Gallagher - Highest Potential Training

This type of writing is free form a
ssociative expression and not meant to
be beautiful or poetic, although if it
turns out to be wise and sensible or
poetic that is
an added bonus.
Free form writing, can feel awkward,
embarrassing, uncomfortable or it
may contain great insight an
d can be quite humbling.
Can help let out strong emotions
and be cathartic and cleansing.
When to use:

When you are feeling fr
ee floating anxiety.

If you have encountered an angry
or uncooperative part of your

To resolve persistent anger,
agitation, frustration.

When you become aware yo
u are procrastinating.

When you are in an agit
ated state or too upse
t to think clearly Free
Form Associative writing is a tech
nique that will help release some
of that pressure and get you fo
cused on what is the issue.
The Steps:
Go into a quiet room and allow
about 20 minutes undisturbed time
to complete.
It is essential to write down ever
ything as it comes to you without
censorship or hesitation even if
it seems silly, or disturbing. The
exercise is to just get it ou
t of rumbling around inside.
Just start writing to keep the
flow of your unconscious going
without censorship. Write what ever
comes up even if it is "This is
stupid, or I hate doing
this" or even if you find yourself swearing.
As you are writing you may notice
"Insights or Aha's" circle that
immediately and continue writing.
Don't stop until you have an intu
itive sense of completion. You
may experience a sense of calmness,
as this is, for some, a form of
Do not read what you have written except for the "Insights" which
you will copy on to a cl
ean piece of paper.
Destroy the Free Form writing pape
r and only save the "Insights".
Tips for getting best results:

Write without editing or judgment, ju
st let it out, e.g. have your
conscious mind stand off to the si
de while your unconscious vents.

Don't stop until you have an intu
itive sense of completeness that
there is no more to write.

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Monique Gallagher - Highest Potential Training

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